Finding the optimal graft in a targeted manner

The DIZG is the only provider in Germany of meniscus matching to find a suitable meniscus transplant.

The advantages of a matched allograft:

  • The only biological-anatomical possibility to replace a lost meniscus is an allogenic meniscus graft.
  • The functionality of the knee joint is restored1.
  • Pain is reduced1.
  • The risk of osteoarthritis is reduced1.
  • The quality of life is increased.

To perform meniscus matching for meniscal allograft transplantation, the following steps are required:

  1. Please download the two documents provided guideline "Imaging Requirements for the DIZG Matching Process" and "Matched Meniscus Graft Request". The guideline informs you about the requirements for the X-ray or MRI images so that we can evaluate them properly and perform the matching.
  2. Upload the document "Matching request for a meniscus transplant" with the required information as well as the imaging via the upload portal (button below "Start meniscus matching") and fill in the necessary fields. After successful upload of your data you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. After the verification is completed you will receive an e-mail with the form "Matching of a meniscus transplant". This contains the patient dimensions, the measurement images and a graft recommendation if a suitable graft is available.
  4. By signing and returning the "Matching of a Meniscus Graft" form (to graftmatching@dizg.de.), you accept this matching recommendation.
  5. To order the meniscus graft, send an e-mail to distribution@dizg.de with the reference to the recommended graft.

! For correct measurement, the condyles must be sagittally congruent.

"Start meniscus matching"

Forms for meniscus matching for Download:

1 Dienst M, Kohn D. Allogenic meniscus transplantation. Oper Orthop Traumatol. 2006 Dec;18(5-6):463-80.

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