The altruistic and selfless decision to want to become a tissue donor can be made at any point throughout oneʼs life. This decision is then documented by an organ and tissue donor identification card or in a separate provision. Churches in Germany and in many other countries support it as a humanitarian act of charity.

One may also face this issue with the passing of a close relative. It then becomes important to consider what attitudes or opinions the deceased person had regarding tissue donation, especially if they ever explicitly expressed a desire to be or not to be a donor. If this is the case, one should absolutely respect the deceased personʼs opinion after their passing. However, if one is unaware of what attitudes or opinions the deceased person held towards tissue donation, and has also comprehensively read up on all matters relating to tissue donation, it is beneficial to reach a group decision amongst the bereaved. Deciding how to deal with the death of a loved one or close relative can often evoke a number of deep-rooted feelings and emotions. However, the decision to opt for a donation can often be a comfort in the long run.

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