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Guidelines for responsible behavior of DIZG in protecting the environment, the safety and to promote equality

Our institute profile: Competence and responsibility

The German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement (DIZG) is a non-profit producer of allogeneic tissue grafts and autologous cell cultures. The focus of research and development are connected with the goal of healing to provide people with the most severe tissue defects improved perspective. Here, the DIZG sets at its core activities on the innovative leadership in the development of allogeneic transplants. Here, our goal is to increase the gain of knowledge for safety and use of our grafts and to ensure the future supply also.

In the interest of patients, donors and their families, and to our employees and society as a whole, it is important to make a sometimes vital contribution to the supply of patients. Based on the use of a DIZG graft must always be the assessment of the surgeon that a use of human tissue grafts is required for medical reasons. The graft diversity is constantly expanding. Meanwhile annually benefit more than 31,000 patients caused serious injuries to some 250 different graft types, which now provides the DIZG.

Guidelines for our actions: appreciation for tissue donation and continuous quality improvement

The grafts of DIZG help to preserve the life of patients and increase by minimize pain and regained mobility their quality of life. Our actions, our behavior and our use of language is always geared to the great appreciation for tissue donation as an act of charity. Still further to improve the quality and organization of tissue donations, is our goal.

The management and staff of the DIZG have these basics in mind and always take this into account when dealing with each other as well as in dealing with customers, partners and media. A high demand on our lived ethics and morality and the respective claims of our partners are the basis for all action of DIZG.

Main priority: safety

The safety for patients as transplant recipients has DIZG highest priority and all other interests of the parent. Furthermore, the security of the employees of the DIZG and tissue donation partner in the center. Each and every employee is aware of the responsibility, hazardous situations and recognized safety risks promptly to the competent authorities, the responsible manager or officer to make known. Suggestions for improvement of transplants in terms of their application security and handling are always welcome.

Our work environment: committed to equality

We work in a work environment that requires employees in the same manner and promotes. Gender equality is a matter of course for us. In DIZG the principle of allowing no discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, sex, political opinion, age, family situation or disability in its employment practices applies. This applies both to applicants and employees and borrowers.

For qualification of our employees: education and training

Any education or training that improves skills and knowledge of employees about their activities, contributing to the overall success of the Institute. The DIZG provides the basis of service events on a number of training issues for employees on topics ranging from specific working method to safety issues and general knowledge for the donation and transplantation.

Environmental protection and sustainability as a consequence of responsible action

For the DIZG it is a fundamental obligation to conserving natural resources, safe to produce and pollute the environment as little as possible. Therefore, we see overall protection of the environment, for maximum safety, high quality of our products and optimum efficiency as equally success factors in achieving our business objectives.

Success in the fields of environmental protection and safety requires dedicated, competent and responsible actions of all employees of the Institute. Therefore, the staff are trained and constantly trained, because each has to be by personal behavior model for environmental protection and safety.



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