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History and development of the DIZG (German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement)

The German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement arose from an initiative of physicians and scientists from the Humboldt University of Berlin, as well as the universities of Leipzig and Erlangen-Nuremberg. The institute serves exclusively and directly charitable purposes. We currently supply numerous hospitals, clinics and physicians in Germany and abroad with transplants from human cells and tissues.

August 1993 Foundation of the institute as a non-profit GmbH (limited liability company) in Berlin
September 1993 Acquisition of the tissue bank of the Sankt-Georg Hospital in Leipzig (teaching hospital of the University of Leipzig)  
1.December 1994 Foundation of the department for cell culture and inauguration of the cell culture laboratory at the instituteʼs headquarters in Berlin-Buch
1994 Institutional membership of the DIZG into the EATB European Association of Tissue Banks
February 1995 First successful clinical application of a skin cell culture on a child with severe burns at the center for burn victims at the “Am Urban” hospital in Berlin
April 1996 Successful Quality Management System certification of the DIZG according to ISO 9001, conducted by the German Association for the Certification of Quality Management Systems
1997 Foundation of the department for Cryopreservation
April 2000 Signing of the merger agreement with BIOCON Inc., to which MTF/Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, the world´s largest tissue bank, belong
January 2001 Relocation to the Innovation Park in Berlin-Koepenick
August 2005

Cooperation agreement signed with the DSO•G, the Charitable Society for Tissue Transplantation, a subsidiary of the German Foundation for Organ Transplantation (DSO)

September 2006 Start of construction of a new facility as a modern production building in the Innovationspark Wuhlheide, Berlin-Koepenick
October 2007 Start of production in our new facility; closure of the production site in Leipzig
2008-2010 DIZG develops its first medical device: Cell spray device


Phone +49.30.577 07 80 60

Telefax +49.30 65 76 30 55


DIZG Annual Report

jahresbericht 2015Click here to see the DIZG annual report of 2014.

It is available as a download (PDF) on the following page:

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