Amnion donation

Amnion - What is it?

Amnion (Amnios, even sheep skin) is the thin, innermost avascular skin which is part of the amniotic sac. With the birth of a child, this tissue can be made available for medical treatments.

why is amnion donation important?

After a qualified treatment amniotic membrans are used as so called tissue grafts in both the treatment of wounds (burns, chronic wounds) and in eye surgery (e.g. cover of corneal defects).

Their positive healing gestures conveying pain-reducing properties and the demand is steadily increasing in both applications - unfortunately faster than the number of available Amnion.

how does amnion donation proceed?

The amnion donation is simple, anonymous, voluntary and unpaid. There are only a few questions about the health history of the patient to answer, and an additional blood testing is necessary.



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