Spine Surgery

Demineralized Bone Matrix

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Demineralized Bone Matrix, Putty,

Ready to use - no rehydration or mixing

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Ready to use, no rehydration or mixing; morselized demineralized Cort/Canc Mixture (36% demin. bone by weight) with the carrier sodium hyaluronate


spineoplastie® - Treatment of Spinal Body Fractures

Allogenic human bone granules set, to be intended for filling of OptiMesh® from Spineology Inc.

**Contains 3 different single components. Only to use in combination with OptiMesh® Nets, appropriate instruments and trainings from Spinology Inc.

* Bestehend aus 3 zugelassenen Einzeltransplantaten. Nur in Verbindung mit OptiMesh® Netzen, speziellem Instrumentarium und Schulung durch SIGNUS Medizintechnik GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 2, D-63755 Alzenau


Cortical Powder


Cross Sections


Cancellous Chips



* continuous evenly thickness


Cortical/Cancellous Chips, milled with the Spierings Bone Mill

High Quality Bone Chips with intact trabecular structure from iliac crest or femoral head



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DIZG Annual Report

jahresbericht 2015Click here to see the DIZG annual report of 2014.

It is available as a download (PDF) on the following page:

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